A letter to Maa

Dear Mummyji,

I don’t remember, when I last wrote a letter with my pen and am not sure if I can write too as my handwriting is going from bad to worse, and I’m sure you won’t understand even a single syllable if I put down words in blue ink.

Any way, what’s more important is the emotion.

As for me, I’m much relaxed after unburdening myself of HimVani, though at the same time there is a strange feeling of abandoning my child. But may be sometimes one has to take these steps too, for the child to get up on its own feet. I am sure the mothers will do a good job of bringing up the child well.

I’m sending you these two books. The third one, will be sent soon, as soon as I find it. If I don’t find it, I’ll send my own copy. I have (rather had) this habit of picking up books from the pavements. Not the pirated ones, but second hand books. And it was many years ago, I had got this book – Aghora – Kundalini, that is the Volume – II of the triology (The one which is not here). For many years, I did not touch it. Then recently I picked it up and once I started reading it, it fascinated me and I just got hooked on to it. But I realised mid-way, that I had to get the Volume-I to understand Volume II completely. So I got Volume I and Volume III. I have completed Volume I. I wondered why I had not read it before and it had been lying with me for many years. The book itself had an answer that there is an appropriate time for everything. The book has more relevance today, than it would have meant to me some years back. I can understand it better, relate to it with a mature mind.

The beauty of the books is that they are not religious. They are not preaching too. They let you absorb, and filter out what you want to. I agree with many aspects, and those I don’t agree to, the beauty is, the book doesn’t thrust them upon me.

You’ll find the books useful in many aspects. To look life at from a new perspective and answers to many questions which we all seek to. I’m sure you wouldn’t agree to many aspects as well. Also, the book will be useful to you for your book on the temples, you plan to write. It’ll help you understand Shakti and Maha Kaal better.

I’m sure that you’ll find many instances, descriptions grotesque. But then, that’s what Aghoris are. Wild and go to any extent. For them nothing is grotesque in Nature. Not even a dead body. Everything has a plan and exists for a purpose and has a meaning.

Why me? What me? Where me? I’m sure, you’ll be able to find answers to these questions, if not fully, at least partially.

I’ll end this letter on the note from the book. There sure is some rina-anubandhana between you and me. I’m sure, you were my mother in some birth. Hence that rinu-anubandhana binds us in this birth too.

With Regards,

Your son.

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  1. Alex James says:

    Beware of cheats
    Dear all
    I just had a narrow escape of being fleeced by these so called chingu sellers but his time it was not chingu but something called supparow. A rare animal found only in the cold region of Ladakh. The product was told to be leased to me for a period of 5yrs for a minimum of 20.-30 percent of down payment and would be retrieved by the seller after 5 yrs, irrespective of its condition, and 90%.of the paid amount would be refunded. Believe me the salesman was so persuasive and impressive that we were almost tempted to buy. But somehow my wife’s good sense prevailed and we managed to come out of the place without buying. Walking ahead thinking whether we had made a mistake or had been wise. We were surrounded by many other shopkeepers who were selling the same product with additional 6-7.gifts.
    One of the eager and over enthusiastic sales person started showing us papers/ clippings which called the product ‘Shahtoosh’ and told us that previously the product was banned as the animal had to be killed for the fur but now has been legalized by the govt. as the animal can be sheared. We did not feel something nice about the whole thing.
    We came out without purchasing and I started studying . To my horror I found what he claimed to be shahtoosh was banned by the govt and nothing as chingu exists, neither does Supparow. People beware. Do not be fooled by these people. What they are selling is not at all in existence.

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