Accident ho gaya Raba Raba!!!
Thank God! Permanent nahin hua!
In the past two three months, I’ve had more than 7 – 8 accidents and four of them in the past two weeks itself. It’s not that I’ve not been concentrating while driving. Rather may be I’m just a little over-cautious now.
I remember during my college days, I was brash and drove around at the speed of 80 – 90 in Delhi (If that’s slow please remember I was driving in Delhi city). I never met any accidents except again whenever I was over cautious, driving too slow. Is it that along with the vehicle, my brain too gets slow? When I drive fast, my senses and body are just alert and responsive. May be it has its affect. I don’t know.
It was my first job at And I had to go to Janakpuri. Within a week I had two accidents while going to office on a scooter… was driving rather too slow. Had bruises here and there. My boss, the second time told me… “Apne grah kisi pandit vandit ko dekha le… Kyon accident ho rahe hain?” I told my boss candidly, “Pandit kya scooter ke liye naye tyre de dega? Tyre ganje ho gaye hain… aur kuch nahin. Thodi ret mili, main over cautious hua aur halki see bhee brake lagayee aur phisal gaya…”
But then that was long time ago. Now I drive a car, brakes are perfect and tyres new. Somehow if I am trying to save the guy on my right the people on the left seem to be developing a tendency to have a brush with my car.
Twice I’ve told my boss at The Campus Paper – “I’m late to office because I met with an accident.” The second time he told me (I don’t know whether he believed me or not), “Tum yaar accident bahut karte ho?” I’m sure he doubted me. Now if I have to tell him the third time, he certainly won’t believe me. I should thank my stars, if not for the accidents but at least that I didn’t have to tell him the other six times. Now if I have to tell him again, he won’t believe me… He’ll surely ask me to think of a new excuse. So it’s better if I come bruised also next time, I should be rather telling him… that I’m a victim of domestic violence. My neighbours were fighting and I just happened to become a mediator when they started flinging things at me while asking me… Who I was to interfere?
Not a good excuse… But this is what I could think of right now. May be I’ll have a stock ready by the time I need the excuse.
Or should I go back to my brash ways and drive rashly? But yaar… those were the days, if there were more red lights, at least the traffic was less. But now a days… the red lights have vanished, but the vehicles on road have increased 100 times and it’s really difficult to manoeuvre through. How am I supposed to drive fast?
If I don’t drive fast, my brain too tends to get slow. Once it’s slow… then accidents are bound to happen.
O! the stars above… Yaar pehle se bata dena… ki mera agla accident kab hoga… so that I can arrange somehow for a good excuse or just arrange that my boss too is with me at the time of accident.

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