मृत्यु और संगीत

आज शाम ही, गाँव से शिमला पहुंचा। नहा ही रहा था कि घर के दोनों फ़ोन बारी बारी से बजने लगे। और साथ में मेरा मोबाइल भी। नहा कर बाहर निकला तो देखा, अलग अलग लोगों कि मिस काल्स थी।

वापिस फ़ोन घुमाया तो मालूम हुआ कि मेरी बड़ी नानी अपनी अंतिम साँसे गिन रही हैं। रात होते  होते खबर आई कि वे चल बसीं हैं। अब कल सुबह दोबारा गाँव जाऊंगा। वे नानाजी कि प्रथम पत्नी थीं। उनके अपने कोई संतान न होने के कारण नानाजी ने दूसरा विवाह किया था। मेरी माता व मातुल सभी छोटी नानी की संतान हैं। परन्तु उन्हें पाला पोसा बड़ी नानी ने ही था।  दोनों सौतनों में इतना अगाड़ प्रेम शायद ही किसी सौतनों में देखने को मिले। दोनों एक दूसरे के बिना शायद ही कभी रही हूँ। वे बहनें तो न थी पर प्रेम बहनों से बड़कर। कारण शायद यह भी हो सकता है कि १२ – १३ वर्ष कि आयु में वे ब्याह कर इस घर में आ गयी थी, और शुरू से ही बहनों कि तरह रह रही थीं।  Continue reading

I A Ass Exam

The story wanders into the past to about 10 years ago. So why am I penning it down now? Two reasons – one: There weren’t blogs at that time. If there were, I wasn’t aware of them; two: I got reminded of it recently when I appeared for NET (National Eligibility Test), which would qualify me, if I clear the exam, to be eligible for lectureship. The latter – clearing the exam – seems unlikely.

Anyway, to begin with, it was a June Sunday. Place: Delhi. Don’t remember well, if I’d cleared the college or was in the final year. But those were the days, when being a Theatre person was high on my agenda and was associated with Advait Theatrical Group – that thought of itself to be a revolutionary concept, with flying egos. Continue reading

Law of karma and rnaanubandhana (Part II)

Contd… from Part I

Q: Thanks for your simplification. Probably, you are talking about rnaanubandhana while referring to the example of the grand parents being born abroad, for their love of their grand children. There still are some queries going in mt mind. That is of mental prayer. How good is mental prayer and chanting of mantras mentally and performing anushthanas mentally? The premise is that mental prayer is better than verbal prayer more in Kali Yuga more because of wrong pronunciation (uchcharan) of the mantras. Or more so we don’t have much time to sit and perform. Hereby some questions creep in my mind related to karma again.

Horo Veda: Karma are also formed very powerfully just by thinking. A simple story will explain its power: Continue reading

Worship without flowers, law of karma and rnaanubandhana (Part I)

This rambling starts as my query to Webyogi, who has enough knowledge on spirituality and astrology. Why I say enough is that at least for me some answers have been simplified if not totally answered. The answer came as prompt, besides others to “Worship Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata is helpful too (no flowers).” My question was why without flowers. Thence started an email conversation, which I’m putting down, starting with the answer:

Worship without flowers and life
Horo Veda: There were views that shastra support use of flowers and looks like that these people ignored the fundamental right of life: Continue reading


Accident ho gaya Raba Raba!!!
Thank God! Permanent nahin hua!
In the past two three months, I’ve had more than 7 – 8 accidents and four of them in the past two weeks itself. It’s not that I’ve not been concentrating while driving. Rather may be I’m just a little over-cautious now.
I remember during my college days, I was brash and drove around at the speed of 80 – 90 in Delhi (If that’s slow please remember I was driving in Delhi city). Continue reading