A letter to Maa

Dear Mummyji,

I don’t remember, when I last wrote a letter with my pen and am not sure if I can write too as my handwriting is going from bad to worse, and I’m sure you won’t understand even a single syllable if I put down words in blue ink.

Any way, what’s more important is the emotion.

As for me, I’m much relaxed after unburdening myself of HimVani, though at the same time there is a strange feeling of abandoning my child. Continue reading

Thanks for being a part of my nightmare

Dear Sis and Sir,
It seems like a dream, a nightmare that’s got over. And unfortunately you both were a part of it. Hmmmm…. before you come to any conclusions let me clarify. I dragged you both in the nightmare and Thanks for coming, and being there by my side. As the ordeal is over, I think, it’s not just that I’ve been set free from that bad dream. Even you too. But I think, there’s hard work for both of you ahead. You’ve just been set free from that bad dream, but not free as yet from the bonding. Continue reading