I A Ass Exam

The story wanders into the past to about 10 years ago. So why am I penning it down now? Two reasons – one: There weren’t blogs at that time. If there were, I wasn’t aware of them; two: I got reminded of it recently when I appeared for NET (National Eligibility Test), which would qualify me, if I clear the exam, to be eligible for lectureship. The latter – clearing the exam – seems unlikely.

Anyway, to begin with, it was a June Sunday. Place: Delhi. Don’t remember well, if I’d cleared the college or was in the final year. But those were the days, when being a Theatre person was high on my agenda and was associated with Advait Theatrical Group – that thought of itself to be a revolutionary concept, with flying egos. Continue reading

Shimla to Rohru Road: As bad as it can get

The only bright part of this route (Shimla to Rohru) is the stretch between Fagu and Theog. Else, my car seemed in shambles and falling apart. Each and every screw, howsoever rusted it was, seemed like falling apart. Many did. Total damage would be finally assessed once I take my car to the mechanic. From Delhi to Rohru and two trips between Shimla and Rohru, made about 1,500 km and within these 1,500 km my car seems to be not a five-year-old car but from the prehistoric era.

That’s the price I’m or everybody else is paying for the development and for a better future. The road from Shimla to Rohru is being converted into four-lane, hence we’ll have to bear with it. And may be till then (estimated two years), we’ll have to junk our cars. Continue reading

Chhailla Chowk to China: Himachal government throws security to the wind; even dogs getting extinct

This is not a first hand account. Rather I’ve heard it from different sources. The local MLA (member of legislative assembly) from Jubbal-Kotkhai, Narendra Baragta, recently, at a public rally to appease the common man, announced – “Yeh jo Ching-Ming hai na, jo apne desh mein bade bante hain, yahaan dekho hamaare liye sadak bana rahe hain. Dhumaal (PK Dhumal, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh) sahab ne unhe yahaan par sadak banane lagaa diya hai. Dekho Dhumal sahab kya kar sakte hain…” Not surprising, that there was a loud cheer from the crowd. Continue reading

सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी की कुछ बातें

नितिन ने बचपन की याद दिला दी है, सर्दियों की छुट्टियों की बात करके।

वो लिखते हैं: “सर्दियाँ आख़िर आ ही गयीं। इस समय रात का एक बजा है और कडाके की ठण्ड पड़ रही है। इस ठण्ड में आख़िर नींद कहाँ आने वाली है। सोचा क्यों न कुछ लिखा जाए। सर्दियाँ आते ही मुझे अपने गाँव कोटगढ़ की याद आती है। बचपन में स्कूल की छुट्टियां सर्दियों में ही होती थी। तो बस स्कूल ख़तम हुए नहीं के हम सभी बच्चे कोटगढ़ का रुख कर लेते थे।…”

आप भी पढ़िये और मज़ा लीजिये… सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी की कुछ बातें

Apna makes me Bheegi Billi

Shyalli ro goo laago bheda, se de kanda de po hogde.

That’s an idiom in our Pahari language, that literally means that a Vaid (a doctor) found out that a Fox’s excreta can be used for a medicine. When the fox came to know about it, she swelled with pride and in her ego, went higher up in the mountains to ease herself.

9XM – Bheegi Billi, Main hoon Bheegi Billi. Well it’s not a promotion for 9XM or Bheegi Billi. Just what Apna made me feel… A Bheegi Billi. I’ll call her Apna. The association started with Apna, a few days ago, when a proposal came to us from Forge Foundry, to document Lok-yores on our site HisOrHerVoice. It was by chance that I saw a picture of Yachna on Chirkut and told her that she’d changed a lot. Continue reading