From Bheegi Billi to Mischievous Cat

The past week has been eventful. With bad mood, controversies at the job front and some learnings from relationships. Actually, I won’t call it a bad mood. It was kind of numbness, blankness and emptiness – a feeling I’ve had after a long long time. May be a year. May be because I’d been skipping my medicine – Fluanxol.

The last week also had some great controversies at the job front; with some of my stories falling into controversies. The Indian Readership Survey was out. You can’t please everybody. While with Total Readership (TR) some gained and some lost. With Average Issue Readership, some who’d gained in TR, lost. So the controversy started here, with publications calling up. Two, I’d believed a source when he told me that the particular daily is doing well with marketing efforts being put in. And that the daily has recently got a funding from a Muslim Party and another political party floated by a South Indian super star. Now, I’d put this innocently, without any malice. Meanwhile, there were all positives about the newspaper. However, it turned to be otherwise, with the office getting umpteen calls from the publication and denying the funding sources. Well, if it has not got any funding, good enough. But the daily raised a point that the news item was mischievous and baseless. Baseless, I agree, but there’s nothing mischievous about it. Also, that I’d ruined the reputation of the paper and the owner of the newspaper. Bull-Shit. It’s American mentality I suppose that you don’t want to be associated with a Muslim party, as they are terrorists???????? Sorry, I’m not saying that. I’m talking about the American mentality. Don’t newspapers need funding?

Anyway, the report had to be retracted.

Also, reading Aghora is not coming to an end. I’ve completed Vol 1 but Vol 2 is just dragging on and on and on, getting time just enough to read for 15-minutes only before sleeping. I’d like to complete it soon. A wonderful book it is. Has made me look life from an outset and aloofness.

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