Law of karma and rnaanubandhana (Part II)

Contd… from Part I

Q: Thanks for your simplification. Probably, you are talking about rnaanubandhana while referring to the example of the grand parents being born abroad, for their love of their grand children. There still are some queries going in mt mind. That is of mental prayer. How good is mental prayer and chanting of mantras mentally and performing anushthanas mentally? The premise is that mental prayer is better than verbal prayer more in Kali Yuga more because of wrong pronunciation (uchcharan) of the mantras. Or more so we don’t have much time to sit and perform. Hereby some questions creep in my mind related to karma again.

Horo Veda: Karma are also formed very powerfully just by thinking. A simple story will explain its power:
King Shrenik and Mahaveer are talking to each other. There is another king who is in the forest doing tapasya (he left every thing to his sucessor son). A army is passing by where the king is in the forest as sadhu/muni. The army is taking rest under trees in the forest. Soliders are talking to each other. “We are invading —-city and the former king is doing tapasya here, he does not know that our king can easily kill his very young son (now king). The tapasvi king is listening this talk, he gets irritated and his mental thoughts started going up and down. On other side, King Shrenik is asking mahaveer that where this king who is doing Tapasya will go as he is doing imense tapasya.

Before the army was there in the forest, Mahaveer replied to Shrinik that he will go to 7th heaven but as the thoughts waves started on other side in the jungle in the brain of tapsvi king, mahaveer also keep changing his statement that he is going to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 heven and then 1,2,3,4,5 6, and 7th hell. By that time, the muni king in forest started to think that he will take his sword and defeat the army. By that time he puts his hands on the head to fix his crown, he realized that he is no more king and he has no hair (as a sadhu). he felt very bad and realized what he is doing. he changed focussed his dhyan and involved in Dhyayan again as before. As he was focussing again, Mahaveer also changed his statement, that the sadu king is now going to 6,5,4,3,2,1 hell and then to 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7th heaven and then at that moment he attained moksha.

I am not sure about the names of the king and the places but the story will give you an idea about mental thoughts and its relation to accumulation of Karma. I have seen many who has excellent powerful planets placed but they failed later on, I think they have silently used their mental power to hurt others and lost thier punya Karma.

Dreams and Karma
If we can invoke God through Mental prayer and even may be move a mountain with the mental shakti, do the acts carried out in a dream be liable for being credited to our karma’s account? More so the dreams we see with our eyes open. One is a dream which we see while sleeping, and the other a dream while we see while awake. It is said that the world is Brahma’s dream (Brahma ka brahm). He’s sleeping. And we all are his dream. When he awakes the world will be finished. Similarly, we all create a world in our dreams, while sleeping or awake. For example, while in my college days, I used to ride a scooter and sometimes in the evening while coming home, I used to get sort of hypnotised by the head lights of vehicles coming from the opposite side. I would go into a dream world of my own forced by my thinking process. There are two realities here. Now, in this world I would love, hate, preach fight, argue, or do any other things. Meanwhile there was this sub-conscious mind which was guiding me home without my knowledge. I would overtake properly, stop at red lights, take the right turns and the right path back home. But I would be brought to this real world after say about ten kilometres. When brought back, I didn’t realise how I covered those ten kilometres. Whom all I passed and which red lights I stopped or other things. What all I would remember is the oter world I was in. So what is the truth here. And which karmas would get credted to my account here? One is that I took all the right moves without my knowledge and one is what I realise – the dream I saw and remember.

Horo Veda: Yes, it will depend and the karma part will still be applied. You must be remembering the story of RAJA HARISHCHANDRA. How he gave all of his kingdom to a muni in the dream and next day really a muni came to his court and asked the one that he gave him in the dream. We all travel after we sleep to another level or another dimension. we have different bodies, it is comlicated to explain in the E mail and I thus stop here. Example: A person drinks alcohol and drives car and kills some one, is it fair that no karma will be accumulated? If so, who will pay for the suffering his family will be going through? The person under alcohol hypnosis does not remember any thing??? The qn is at the first place why did he choose to drink it? If so, he is not innocent and some one has to pay the price for the killing of some innocent person!!!.

Same thing, in the last example of a child, the child is born in a particular family, even he is small but he made choice (MOHNIYA KARMA, intense attachment towards some one) in last life to come to new family. Thus if the parents feed him non veg food, he/she is also responsible to some extent, does not it?

Q: Also is rnaanubandhana a form of karma only. Or is it a result of karma?

Horo Veda: Both, some from previously accumulated and some are formed as a result.

Q: And the dream process and the reality. What’s real? The dream I lived in or the distance covered?

Horo Veda: To me both are real. As I said before, ignorance is not a bliss. same way, dream appears like a dream but it exists in some other dimension and we are connected with it. This is why it is said that practice that your thoughts are the same in three stages: Thinking, by speech and by your action, they all have to be the same.

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