Life plays some pleasant jokes too at times

Let life keep playing such pleasant jokes with me. I don’t mind them. They really bring comic relief in Tragedies. Since I died for worse or better about two months ago, people around me aren’t too happy with my new found freedom. My Maasi has an ad-wise for me – Look ahead Beta. What she really means is find someone as a knife for yourself. So I throw the ball back into her court – Aap hee dekh lijiye Maasi. She turns and says – In cheezon mein time to lagta hai. Now they are in a hurry too but conscious as well that “time lagta hai“. So I tell her – Koi baat nahin maasi, mujhe bhee koi jaldi nahin hai.

However, Hmmmm, I bumped into Apna Bagdor once again. Taking Maasi‘s ad-wise (which obviously is influenced by my Mom’s instructions), I surf for ads on and look for Himachali Girls. Hmmm… I find Apna Bagdor there. I find it an opportunity to make it good with her and may be a file-tag… I click on Read More… It says – The Profile you are looking for does not exist…. May be Apna has deleted her profile. But there’s another option too – Express Interest. But I have to register for that and Log In. So I create my Profile, and go back to Apna’s Page, which again shows the same error. But I click on Express Interest. A message pops up: You can only express interest to an opposite sex. Now I remember why Apna Bagdor had said, “I’m a girl.” Anyways, I presume, honestly, this time, no puns, jokes apart, Apna had not put her sex as Male there, and as she’s deleted her profile, the‘s server is playing truants, though her name is still there in the database.

Now I log on to (Khem Singh is our office runner – Jeevan’s saathi… OOps! Colleague). I take interest in a girl. Her father is an Exercise and Relaxation Instructor. She’s a paid member and contact details are revealed. So I call up my Mausaji and ask him, if he knows somebody in the Exercise and Relaxation Department. He says “yes”. I tell him the purpose, and ask him if he can find out more about this Instructor. He agrees. But as he could not trace his friend’s number, after three days, my Mausaji called up the Instructor himself. Mausaji reported back to me, that the Instructor had seen my Profile and that I had a daughter, which Mausaji negated. But I have a daughter. A 21-year-old daughter – Witness. Any way, after exchanging details, about where about and how about, the Instructor said that they’ll discuss at home and get back. Fine. Now at the end of the conversation, I ask, my Mausaji – What’s the Instructor’s name? He says, XYZ. Now I come to the main point. Did you ask him the girl’s name? Mausaji seemed a little scared to answer that. “Nahin.” What? – I shoot back. “Nahin, yes that’s her name,” he says. I burst out laughing. While taking a sip of juice that I was having, I got choked laughing. This name “Nahin is not going to leave me.

Finally, Mausaji too started laughing. He had a word – Theek hee to hai – People ask you – How’s Nahin? You always give some excuse or the other. If it works, you can always say… She’s Nahin. I don’t know, whom did you see earlier.


Any ways, I enjoy these jokes, life is playing. Keep playing.

(Note: Some things have been filtered and adapted.)

3 thoughts on “Life plays some pleasant jokes too at times

  1. Life is a wonderful mix of good and bad so take everything in your stride and keep going!I am really happy that you are enjoying life and writing about it.

  2. जुईन says:

    Bhai don’t try to be a journalist. So let that be… Understand the pun. That’s actually the fun.

    But did you read Bheegi Billi… that’s more interesting…

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