My Dream

High up in the skies it flies,
Fluttering and fluttering its wings.
In freedom, it seeks the world
As in joy, it sings.

Their noisy sweet chirp.
And, love with innocence.
I view them all in the sky
While I seek for independence.

I contrast myself to them.
They like me are at the youth stage.
However, I find self-simile to the birds
Next door caught in the cage.

My hands reach the bars.
And free them all.
It was nice to see them
As in the open sky they took a stroll.

The feathered animals were free.
But I was still there.
In the polluted, populated plains.
But longed soon, to join them rear.

The day is not far
When in the sky I’ll fly
Jumping in the open fields
Nature will be nigh.

Free air will be there
Will, will be the theme.
The liberate dove I want.
The bird pigeon is my dream.

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