सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी की कुछ बातें

नितिन ने बचपन की याद दिला दी है, सर्दियों की छुट्टियों की बात करके।

वो लिखते हैं: “सर्दियाँ आख़िर आ ही गयीं। इस समय रात का एक बजा है और कडाके की ठण्ड पड़ रही है। इस ठण्ड में आख़िर नींद कहाँ आने वाली है। सोचा क्यों न कुछ लिखा जाए। सर्दियाँ आते ही मुझे अपने गाँव कोटगढ़ की याद आती है। बचपन में स्कूल की छुट्टियां सर्दियों में ही होती थी। तो बस स्कूल ख़तम हुए नहीं के हम सभी बच्चे कोटगढ़ का रुख कर लेते थे।…”

आप भी पढ़िये और मज़ा लीजिये… सर्दियों ओर लोहड़ी की कुछ बातें

A letter to Maa

Dear Mummyji,

I don’t remember, when I last wrote a letter with my pen and am not sure if I can write too as my handwriting is going from bad to worse, and I’m sure you won’t understand even a single syllable if I put down words in blue ink.

Any way, what’s more important is the emotion.

As for me, I’m much relaxed after unburdening myself of HimVani, though at the same time there is a strange feeling of abandoning my child. Continue reading

Life plays some pleasant jokes too at times

Let life keep playing such pleasant jokes with me. I don’t mind them. They really bring comic relief in Tragedies. Since I died for worse or better about two months ago, people around me aren’t too happy with my new found freedom. My Maasi has an ad-wise for me – Look ahead Beta. What she really means is find someone as a knife for yourself. So I throw the ball back into her court – Aap hee dekh lijiye Maasi. She turns and says – In cheezon mein time to lagta hai. Now they are in a hurry too but conscious as well Continue reading

Apna makes me Bheegi Billi

Shyalli ro goo laago bheda, se de kanda de po hogde.

That’s an idiom in our Pahari language, that literally means that a Vaid (a doctor) found out that a Fox’s excreta can be used for a medicine. When the fox came to know about it, she swelled with pride and in her ego, went higher up in the mountains to ease herself.

9XM – Bheegi Billi, Main hoon Bheegi Billi. Well it’s not a promotion for 9XM or Bheegi Billi. Just what Apna made me feel… A Bheegi Billi. I’ll call her Apna. The association started with Apna, a few days ago, when a proposal came to us from Forge Foundry, to document Lok-yores on our site HisOrHerVoice. It was by chance that I saw a picture of Yachna on Chirkut and told her that she’d changed a lot. Continue reading

Folklores and spirituality

Hi Apna,
Hope I’m not just trying to be an unwanted advisor. But couldn’t resist myself. As there is something in folklores that attracts me to them. I don’t know if you are interested in spirituality or not, but as you are more interested in interpretation of folklores rather than just documentation, I feel it would be great if you have a bit of understanding of Indian spirituality as well. Continue reading