Thanks for being a part of my nightmare

Dear Sis and Sir,
It seems like a dream, a nightmare that’s got over. And unfortunately you both were a part of it. Hmmmm…. before you come to any conclusions let me clarify. I dragged you both in the nightmare and Thanks for coming, and being there by my side. As the ordeal is over, I think, it’s not just that I’ve been set free from that bad dream. Even you too. But I think, there’s hard work for both of you ahead. You’ve just been set free from that bad dream, but not free as yet from the bonding.

I Thank You both for being there, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear me out (even at the middle of the night), a punching bag, to mouth some choicest words, that was a time, when I looked around, and reverted always to you for all this. Thanks again for being there.

If bad dreams are to be forgotten, I hope that I don’t forget that I made you both a part of this bad dream. In what words shall I thank you. I hope, I’m not demeaning the relationship by all this, but I thought why not share my joy, and be happy.

There were things to be sad about, but there are things to be happy about too – both of you, the relationship I share with you. I’m happy that I’ve a sister like you and a brother-in-law like you. When things go wrong, we forget that there are things to cheer about (I’m not talking about the liquor Cheers!). Looking back, I feel, why was I not happy that I had you. I lost something but I gained a lot. Love of you both. The trust you showed on me and the efforts you put in to put things in perspective, and show me the path when I was blinded by one thought and obsession – Why, why, why and more why? I know these whys would remain unanswered, but then Thanks to you – not for trying to find the answer but that there is something beyond Why (Y). That there is Z too.

I’m sorry for, if through this period, I’ve hurt you in any way. I hope I’ll be able to stand up to your expectations too, selflessly.

Love and regards