The Loving Spring

Waked up with the nightingales sweet song
Peeping out, I saw spring was in hand.
The various blooming flowers under the sky,
Attracted me by their spectacular colourful band.

It was spring again
With its beauty and charm.
The weather with its moderate temper
And the sky, blue, clear and calm.

The blooming faces of the flower
Similar to the laughing child
Entice the butterfly with its perfume
And the drone steals Kumar’s vague sorrow with its tune.

The rose, the lily, the narcissus,
The hyacinth, the daisies give me a jump in delight.
Their fragrant smell, their delicate touch,
Transport with pleasure my senses of smell, touch and sight.

In spring, smiles at us all,
The Nature, the Universal Mother.
Ungrudgingly offers us her treasures with exquisite charm
And brings joy to my heart in smother.

Of glaciers, it is the rarest beauty I can find
To give me so much, of spring it is very kind.
The snow over the peaks gurgling down in streams
Through mountain gorges with green countless trees.

The far away green grass covered with dew,
Making the world enchanting and fresh
With the spectrum of its pearls hue.
And steals my heart, this blooming view.
When Kumar is in a pensive mood,
He likes to remain mostly in solitude,
When the friends love, he miss
Then only spring gives him complete bliss.

When the spring is in its full form
The cuckoo bird with its melodious song
Wakes the frozen buds from their sleep
In me for love out a new soul peeps.

Of all spring is at above
As you can call it the season of Love
Seeing in action the symbol of peace – the dove.
Kumar forgets the temper and sorrow.
As love, only from spring I can borrow.

At time, waiting in my death bed.
To old age, my youth has lead.
I ask the Death to wait
Till the loving spring meets its fate.

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