Want to run away to Himachal

The feeling is not new, but of course lately, the rigmaroles of city life are convincing me to get back to where I belong. Wish I could get out of this rat race. The life I live is so fake. I work for my bosses who fill in their coffers without compensating me enough. I would have been a crorepati had I worked 10 per cent of it for myself in my farms. Well, the motivation for it seems to be diminishing and I seem to be getting in a grind left cribbing that I want to get away from this life.

More so, I seem to be in a field of career which is faker than the fakes they expose. They are for no good here. For plain business.

2 thoughts on “Want to run away to Himachal

  1. bonjour says:

    All migratory birds always desperately long to return back home, to the roots. You are not alone. Perhaps that’s the tragedy of modern mankind.

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